Engine repair can be a troubling problem to have.  It can be expensive, take several days and leave you without your car.  LMC Complete Automotive employees ASE Certified Technicians trained in today’s car and light truck repair.  

Having a certified technician diagnose the problem with your car’s engine can save allot of time and money.  Contrary to what some believe, the diagnosis is the most important part of the repair.  When shade tree mechanics guess at what is wrong it can cost you allot of money and frustration.  For more information on engine repair check out FTC consumer information.

Engine repair

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Not All Shops Are The Same

Finding an automotive repair shop can be difficult.  LMC Complete Automotive knows this and strives to be that shop for you.  We employee great technicians that have the skills needed to work on your car or trucks engine.  Moreover, our techs have the ASE certifications needed on all areas of automotive repair.  Rest assured we can get the job done for you.  Some repair shops will hire shade tree mechanics or have employees that lack the skills to properly repair your cars engine.  LMC has over 500 google reviews that attest to our experience and ability. 

Some auto repair shops will also lack the equipment to properly and effectively repair your car or truck.  Don’t be afraid to ask the shop what tools they have or if they own the necessary tools to perform an certain engine repairs on your car or truck.

There are some shops that do not repair all makes and models.  Engine repair on one manufacturer to another can be vastly different.  These differences can be troublesome or require special tools and information to perform the necessary engine repairs.  Check with your auto shop to find out if they service your particular car or truck.

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