Pre Buy Inspection

Pre buy inspection or pre purchase inspections can save you money and problems.  This inspection should be apart of EVERY decision on whether you should or should not buy a used car.  Our 60 point inspection covers all areas of your car or truck looking for problems and even prior vehicle damage.

Pre Buy Inspection

LMC Automotive has saved many of our customers from flood cars, wrecked cars and ones that have allot of problems.  At just $95 this peace of mind is a small price to pay to help make that informed decision.

LMC will provide you the inspection form as well as price estimates for issues that are found.  Having that information can be potentially deducted from the purchase price.

Pre Buy Inspections are one additional tool for you to use to make that decision.  

In addition to this inspection, we recommend a Carfax report to further find details about the cars history.

If you would like to get your car or truck inspected, contact us or schedule it today!

Pre Buy Inspection or Carfax?

The answer to that question is both.  If you buy a used car, chances are you are stuck with it after the purchase.  

Being armed with the Pre buy inspection and Carfax will make your negotiations stronger and more favorable.  These two tools can save you the money and headache of car problems before you buy.

Another important bit of information is that some sellers will not allow a pre purchase inspection.  They will come up with an excuse as to why that is a bad idea or not allowed.  If you find a seller that will not allow you to take the car to us for an inspection then try these options.  Ask them to drive the car to us for the inspection.  This allows the seller the piece of mind on driving the car themselves rather than a stranger.  Leave your car with them until you return with their car.  Sometimes this is a workable idea as they have your car, you are less likely to leave it if you are stealing theirs. 

Above all, listen to your service advisor and the report, we are on your side, you are our customer and we will be straight with you.

LMC Complete Automotive