State Inspections

state inspection

State inspections are a necessity every year and is the first step in a two step process to renew your registration.  Texas has changed its laws to mandate just one sticker on your windshield.  We had in the past, one for the state inspection and one for the registration.  

However, to renew or even get the vehicles first registration you must get insurance on the vehicle, then come get your car inspected.  At that point we will give you a form showing your passed inspection.  With that, you will then get your registration.

Where do i get my State Inspection?

Where do i get my state inspection?  Well, here at LMC of course!  We provide several options for your quick state inspection.  You can schedule your inspection or call us or simply stop in.

The inspection will generally only take about 10 to 15 minutes.  

state inspection

What do I do after?

Once you get your car, truck, trailer or motorcycle inspected you can either go online and renew your registration, go to certain grocery stores such as FoodTown, HEB and Krogers or you can go to a Harris County courthouse.  The two courthouses closest to us and our area are in Humble at 7900 Will Clayton Pkwy  or 6831 Cypresswood Dr.  You can also visit the website for further help

After you get your registration sticker, you will need to remove your old one and affix the new one.  If you would like us to do that part for you, simply come by and we will take care of it free of charge.

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