Winterize Your Car

Winterize your car, in Spring Texas? Seems I’ve always thought that was a funny thing to hear in Spring as our winters are typically pretty mild. But this is something we still need to do as we can certainly have adverse weather.

When we winterize your car, mainly the cooling system is what we are going after. We need to make sure the coolant/anti freeze in the system is fresh and up to par. In addition to keeping the engine cool, the radiator fluid helps keep it from freezing as well.

Engine Overheating

Here in our part of Texas, we typically see this type of problem, the engine gets too hot and overheats.  Either the cooling system developed a leak or some other issue caused it to get too hot.

Engine Freezing

In this case the coolant in the engine froze.  While the situation is different, the outcome is usually the same, the engine will overheat when the coolant freezes.  This is going to be a rare situation for us in this part of the state but it can still happen.  Our main purpose is to make sure the coolant is still at it’s specifications to keep the engine cool and to prevent overheating.

LMC Complete Automotive can verify your cooling system is ready or whatever temperature your car will encounter this winter.  If you are traveling or just staying home we can help.

Call, come by or schedule an appointment today and get prepared.

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