Auto repair services in Spring, TX.  LMC Complete Automotive has proudly served the community since 2001!

Transmission Service

Auto repair services include transmission repair and maintenance.  Importantly transmissions are a vital component of the vehicle, therefor maintenance is crucial.

Preventative Maintenance

Your car or truck requires an annual State Inspection here in Texas.  Not only is it the law, it is important to at least get a yearly inspection.  Moreover an inspection can catch a problem before it becomes to severe.

Car brakes are the most crucial part of all of the components,  thus, inspecting them should be a regular occurrence.

Besides engine repair, we offer computerized diagnostics starting at just $89!

An air conditioning is one of the greatest conveniences that’s ever been introduced to a car.  Moreover it can be vital in some areas of the country. 

We provide a full-fledged assessment and a thorough and professional mechanical checkup of your car’s engine.  Importantly, maintaining the engine can lead to fewer break downs.

BG Products
Preventative Maintenance
oil change

LMC Complete Automotive provides several BG Products and Services to maintain your cars performance.  Below you will see 4 different services to help keep your car maintained and running great!  It should be noted that BG Products are trusted in the industry.

Preventative maintenance for your vehicle is crucial to maintain its reliability as well as its longevity. A well maintained car will have less problems.  Subsequently your car will keep you happier as your maintenance will be spread out over time thus saving you money.

Getting an oil change regularly is a very important maintenance repair.  Along with Lubrication  engine oil cools and cleans the engine too.

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