Car Air conditioning

Car Air Conditioning

Car air conditioning is a must in this Spring,TX heat.  LMC Complete Automotive has the tools and expertise to diagnose as well as repair today’s air conditioning.  The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system or HVAC, comes in three basic components, evaporator core, compressor as well as the condenser. Most ac problems are usually fixed in one day and the costs can have a wide range.  Rest assured that LMC will only recommend the necessary parts to get your car air conditioning system back working properly. Furthermore, our air conditioning work comes with a 2 year 24 thousand mile warranty, whichever comes first.

Evaporator Core

Car Air Compressor

Car Air Conditioning Condenser

The evaporator core is where the cool air comes from, it is located inside the dash area and a fan blows air thru the cold evaporator core and out thru the vents.  The evaporator core gets cold from the freon, which circulates thru the core making it very cold, usually in the lower 40 degree range!  Although they do not have a set temperature, most vehicles are going to be in that range.

The air conditioning compressor is a main component which compresses the freon to high pressure which turns it from a gas to a liquid.  It then pumps that thru the condenser which cools it.  Additionally, the freon moves to the evaporator core to cool the core which provides the cool air from the vents.

The car air conditioning condenser is a thin radiator similar to the engine radiator that cools the freon circulating thruout.  This cooled freon travels to the evaporator core which in turn give you the cold air out the vents.

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