Hurricanes And Your Car

Hurricanes and your car. Hurricane season is upon us and there are storms approaching the gulf and our region. Sometimes we forget about our cars during these situations and it is important to have them checked before the storms arrive.
If your car has check engine or other dash lights we suggest getting them diagnosed to find the cause.

Another thing is make sure other car systems are working, checking the engine fluid levels is important. We also suggest getting the air conditioning serviced if it feels like it is not as cold as usual. Our cars can be a refuge from the heat especially if the power is out. Your car can provide immediate temporary relief from the heat. Be careful not to run your car too long like and make sure you not in confined spaces.

If you do have to travel due to the storms. Follow local warnings and take food and water with you. Traffic can be a problem during storm events and you need to be prepared. Never carry gasoline in containers in your car. Plan your trip and utilize local traffic reports.

Above all, stay home if possible but make sure your car is ready to use in case you have to leave.

PLEASE visit for more information on hurricane preparedness at or check out this handy guide over at SaveOnEnergy (We aren’t selling them, they just have a nice guide to hurricane preparedness, terminology and some 2021 predictions).

To schedule an appointment to have your car inspected, please call or visit or scheduler.

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