How to know if you need new brakes

How to know if you need new brakes.  Brake pads, by design, wear out, it’s a car repair necessity.  But how do we know when to replace them?  

In this post will discuss the different ways you can tell if  you might need new brakes.

Car Brake Pads

Mileage to determine brake pad wear?

One way to possibly determine brake pad wear is to review how many miles you have driven on these pads.  While not a perfect way check brake pad wear, mileage can give us an indication that it is time to check the pads.

Brake pad wear can occur faster or slower on several factors.  The driver for instance can cause brake pads to wear faster by waiting to the last second to brake.  Or it could be the opposite, a driver that is easy on the brakes may go farther in between pad replacement.

Type of brake pad material.

The type of brake pad material used, metallic or ceramic will have a say on the longevity of the brake pads.  Ceramic brake pad material will last quite a bit longer than the metallic type.  Most cars and trucks produced today are using ceramic brake pads.

Brake pad wear indicators?

You read that right.  How to know if you need new brakes can be determined by a brake pad wear indicator.  

Some brake systems have these indicators installed that make a squeal sound when driving at low speeds.  This noise goes away when the brakes are applied and start again when the brakes are released.  

Others, like Mercedes have actual brake pad sensors that alert the driver via a message or light in the dash.  

Get them inspected by a professional.

How to know if you need new brakes?  Have them inspected by our ASE Certified technicians.  When we inspect them we check the pad life, the brake rotors, hoses and lines as well as the operation of the brake system.  More information on brake pad wear can be found here at NADA.

To schedule an inspection of your brake system give us a call or schedule a time with us.

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