Buying a Pre-Owned Car

Buying a pre-owned car or a used car can be stressful but we can help!

With so many cars out there for sale the task can be daunting.  What if you get one that has been wrecked or has allot of problems?  We will outline areas that need to be checked to lesson a problem vehicle ending up in your driveway.

Fan stays running


Carfax is a valuable tool to help weed out the flood cars and wrecked cars.  This car report can give good insight to the vehicle and can even give vehicle maintenance information as well.  You will need either the vehicles VIN number or even a license plate number to retrieve a report.  More info can be found here on Carfax’s website.

Pre-buy Inspection

A pre-buy inspection or pre purchase inspection is an inspection performed by us to find problems within the vehicle.  If you find a car or truck you want to buy bring to us for an inspection first.  We can look for body and structural damage or where a vehicle has been repaired.  We can also scan the computer systems to look for previous codes or if the computers memory has been cleared.  We also inspect the vehicle maintenance history, test drive the vehicle.  All told, this is a 60 point inspection and we have saved many customers from problem vehicles.  

Sometimes the seller won’t allow an auto technician to inspect the car, which is an indicator there may be something wrong.  Sellers should always allow the inspection of a car or truck from a certified auto technician.  If they don’t then shop elsewhere.  You can read more about our pre-buy inspections here on our website.

Call and ask us

So before you begin your shopping for a pre owned car or truck, call and ask us.  We can give some insight into which brands to steer clear off and to favor in your search.  We aren’t here to knock any manufacturers work but some are allot more expensive and repair prone than others.  We generally know which ones they are and can help you in your decision.  So, give us a call and run it by us!

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