State Inspection

state inspection
Official Vehicle Inspection Station

LMC provides state inspections, also known as  emissions sticker, for your car, light truck, motorcycle and trailers in just 15 minutes. 

The Two Step One Sticker Program, HB 2305 was passed during the 83rd legislative session (2013). This bill eliminated the inspection sticker resulting in a single-sticker system and makes vehicle registration dependent on obtaining a passing vehicle inspection.

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A state inspection is two areas of inspection, safety and emissions.  During the safety inspection the technician will look at seat belts, tire condition, wiper blades and several other items.

Furthermore the emissions portion will look for dash lights as well as other possible problems.

The technician will inform you of any problems with the inspection and whether they will need further inspection or diagnostics.

Most days we can perform your inspection from walk-ins but if you prefer to schedule an appointment we can do that too.

state inspection

State Inspection Questions

What do I need to get an inspection?

We will need a current insurance card.

What does a state inspection cost?

For cars and trucks that are newer than 25 years it is just $25.50.

For vehicles 25 years and older, which only require a safety inspection it is just $7.00.

Diesel vehicles, motorcycles and trailers are also a safety only inspection are $7.00.

What if my car fails the inspection?

If your car fails the state inspection you will be given the reason as well as what to do next.

If your car or truck does fail an inspection, your service advisor will have the info needed to pass.  This could be a safety issue such as tires or seat belts or even wiper blades.  An emissions failure would generally be something to do with a check engine light and would require a diagnostic test to pinpoint the problem.

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