Enjoy These Benefits of Special Financing

Synchrony Car Care Financing

Auto repair can get expensive and unexpected.  Having a way to pay those unexpected bills helps and one that offers interest free financing for 6 months is even better!  LMC offers a financing option to assist you in covering your repair costs.

Financing thru CFNA and you will actually get a card that features LMC Complete Automotives name on it, neat!

From CFNA:  “CFNA has offered car owners peace of mind for over 40 years with financing to cover tires and auto repair costs that crop up when you least expect them. Still not a cardholder? Choose a credit card and apply now to enjoy immediate purchasing power and 24/7 online account management. The application process is easy and credit decisions are quick.”

Ready to apply for CFNA? Click here for a quick application and decision.

6 months promotional
financing available

on purchases of $199 or more with the
Synchrony Car Care™ credit card. Footnote

Get gas whenever you need
it, wherever you are

with acceptance at over 250,000 gas stations
nationwide across all major gas brands. Footnote

It’s safe and secure

with $0 fraud liability and no annual fee. Footnote

Ready to apply for a Synchrony Card?  Click here for a quick application and decision .

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