Transmission maintenance is often forgotten or neglected.  It’s an integral part of the cars usability.  LMC uses a BP Services transmission flush machine to service the transmission.  These machines are the best on the market and can service a wide variety of cars and trucks. 

What Does This Service do?

That’s a good question.  We will flush the old transmission fluid out and fill it back up with brand new fluid.  Coupled with BG Products transmission warranty you can get piece of mind knowing your transmissions taken care of.  In addition to or instead of, LMC can (replace) the transmission filter as well.  The filter’s designed to catch small particles that may be floating around inside the transmission.  These small particles can damage your transmission and the filter will catch them and help prevent damage.  Check your owners manual or ask our service advisors if your transmission filter is in need of replacement.

Transmission Service

Signs Of Trouble

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Signs of trouble on would be slipping, unusual noise, slipping or hard shifting.  If your car is experiencing any of these bring it in as soon as possible for an inspection.  Continuing to drive your car or truck with a transmission problem can make it worse.  Getting a problem checked prior to a complete breakdown can save money.

In some cases a transmission can have problems that will prevent us from performing a service.  If the fluid’s burnt and/or the transmission is slipping we may suggest you not get the service.  If this is the case then the transmission may stop working all together after the service.  When that happens a transmission overhaul or re manufactured replacement would be required.  Our technicians and service advisors can help you determine whether your transmission should or should not be serviced, call or come by for an evaluation today.

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