Winston, Our Entertainment Director

Boston Terrier

Winston is a 7 year old Boston Terrier that comes to work every single day.  He loves to entertain (of course he is having fun too) our customers while their cars are being serviced.  Winston has been coming to work for about 5 years and I am sure lots of you have seen him.

He likes to bring a tennis ball to you so he can show off his skills.  He is really fun to watch.  Although he enjoys that so much his favorite thing to do is go outside and catch a Frisbee.  His skills on catching a Frisbee are pretty good.  He loves to show off to all those watching.

See the video below for some of his tricks with a Frisbee.

Learn more about the Boston Terrier breed.

Here are some videos of Winston doing some Frisbee catching and tennis ball skills.

Winston trying out the new LMC entryway rug.

Winston's Brother And Sister

This is Bentley, Winston’s brother.  Bentley plays hard too and loves to challenge his brother at, well everything.  Although he and Shelby don’t normally come to work as Winston does, they will stop in every now and then.  

Boston Terrier

Shelby is Winston’s and Bentley’s sister.  Shelby is the cutest, sweetest ever.  She loves to love others and is always a great companion.  She and Bentley live at Chad and Jana’s house.  

Yin and Yang
Shelby and Winston catching a nap.
Boston Terrier
Hard day at the office, crashed on the way home.
Boston Terrier
Winston's business card, pick one up when you are here next

Winston says, head on over to our Services page and see what we can do for you or schedule an appointment today!

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