When you have a check engine light or service engine soon light on then we would need to get a diagnosis in order to repair the problem.  All modern cars and trucks will have one of these lights.  The function of the lights is to inform the driver of a potential engine or emissions problem.  Figuring out what is wrong can be difficult without the proper tools and equipment.  LMC has the tools and the ASE Certified technicians that can properly diagnose your cars check engine light.  

Computerized engine diagnostics

Check Engine/Service Engine Soon

Other Engine Diagnostics

Computerized engine diagnostics means just that, we use a computer to help diagnose the problem with the check engine or service engine soon light.  Unfortunately, computers do not simply get plugged in and they tell us what is wrong, contrary to popular belief.  The computers will provide the trouble code and data for sensors and some testing tools.  The ASE Certified technician will also use repair information and vehicle service information to help diagnose the problem.  Once the problem is found the technician will then inform the service advisor of his diagnosis.  Here is some more information on check engine lights from lifehacker.

There are other problems that can arise that won’t turn on the check engine or service engine soon lights.  These problems can be anti-lock brake problems, stability control system problems or simply the engine is not running good.  Computers will help the technician in these areas as well to determine why your car is not performing properly.  Our technicians are highly capable and have many tools and resources to properly diagnose the problem with your car.

For help with your check engine light or if you are in need of computerized engine diagnostics then give us a call or schedule an appointment today.

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