Noisy, shaking, low pedal can all be signs of something wrong with your brakes. With out a doubt, they  are an important part of the car and do require attention to ensure they are in working order.  LMC Complete Automotive can provide a full  inspection to find out what is going on with your cars braking system.  For information on how braking systems work try howstuffworks.

Brake Pads

Be careful, not all pads are the same!  Allot of shops advertise $99 dollar brake jobs, however what you get is typically not a proper job.  

A proper pad replacement job requires new pads, resurfacing or replacing the rotors.  Some shops will provide just the pads and skip the rotors.  Doing so can cause squealing, poor braking ability and abnormal pad wear.  

In addition to that, pads come in several form.  From the inexpensive metallic to the ceramics.  Ceramic pads provide the best braking and a longer life but come with a higher price tag.

Car Brake Pads


Rotors too are an important part of the braking system.  The pads sit on either side of the rotor and squeeze when the pedals applied, thus slowing the speed.  When the rotor surface isn’t renewed or replaced then your braking power’s decreased.  

Allot of shops improperly skip the resurfacing of the rotors in order to make the job less expensive.  This is how they can off $99 jobs.  By skipping on the rotors they make the job seem complete and inexpensive.  

This can add to or continue to cause you problems.  Learn which components are needed to perform the job and then ensure your auto shop performs it correctly.  

A decrease in braking power means a longer distance it will take to stop your car, always ensure quality parts used on your car.

Here at LMC our ASE Certified Technicians routinely perform this and other services effectively and promptly. 

For a free pad wear inspection, call or schedule an appointment today!

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